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The Pichler comfort ventilation 
systems: Comfort and energy-
efficiency at the push of a button 

Centralised ventilation units

Delightful flexibility: our energy-efficient modular devices LG 750 to LG 6000 for the centralized ventilation in multi-storey housing.  more »

Decentralised ventilation units

The new dimension in the field of domestic architecture: Our passive house-certified systems LG 150 to LG 3200 impress by their energy-efficiency, safety, and comfort.  more »

Single room units

Single room units

The compact ERG system VENTECH single room units with heat recovery are perfect for restorations.

Air humidification

For the humidification of the ambient air in living spaces: the plug-in LBE System VENTECH air humidification unit.  more »

Heat pump combination units

The passive house-certified system PKOM4 combines the advantages of ventilation unit and heat pump. For ventilation, heating, and process water preparation.  more »

Distribution systems

Efficient air distribution KomFlex® round and oval with hygiene certificate and the flat mini-channel system. more »


Rectangular duct silencers in various designs: Pichler deflection silencer with hygiene certificate.  more »

Object of the month

Stay up to date and let us convince you by the references showing PICHLER products and systems in use. more »

Volume flow controllers with silencer function

PVSR-USD as well as the combined supply and exhaust air unit, Pichler VAV-USD-BOX more »

Volume flow controllers

They are economic and energy-efficient: our tested Pichler volume flow controllers that are preset in a customized fashion. more »

Valves for air distribution

Our stock comprises all common valves and design valves in many different RAL colours for supply and exhaust air. more »

+43 463 32769-290

Your Comfort Service Hotline for all technical questions.


Here you will find instructions regarding the filter exchange and operation of compact ventilation units. more »

passive house housing complex

The passive house housing complex in Vienna, which comprises 273 apartments, 
since 2014 has been equipped with a Pichler overall system for controlled domestic ventilation. more »